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Sejdiu deklaroi kështu të martën në Prishtinë, në një takim me shoqërinë civile, ku ndër të tjera tha se është i bindur se Kosova do të pavarësohet brenda këtij viti.

Kryetari Sejdiu, i cili më shumë është fokusuar në takimet që të martën kanë filluar me palën serbe rreth decentralizimit dhe trashëgimisë kulturore, beson se me këto takime do të përmbyllen bisedimet teknike mes Prishtinës dhe Beogradit, ndërkohë që pala kosovare, sipas tij, nuk do të lëkundet më nga pozicioni i saj.

Sejdiu deklaroi se ajo që do të prezantohet në Vjenë do të jetë, ajo që nuk mund të kapërcehet më tepër. Ai tha se realisht, Kosova ka nevojë për procese decentralizuese për të gjithë qytetarët dhe këtë nuk e bën për privilegjin e një etniteti. (fund)

Ahtisaari meets Rehn, Contact Group meeting on June 30

BRUSSELS, June 30, 2006 (BETA) - The U.N. special envoy for the status of Kosovo, Martti Ahtisaari, had talks in Brussels on June 29 with the EU enlargement commissioner, Olli Rehn, about the negotiating process under way in Vienna and steps he was intending to take.

"Mr. Ahtisaari is taking every opportunity he has to meet with his old friend Olli Rehn," BETA was told by Ahtisaari's spokeswoman Hua Jiang, adding that the main topic of their talks was Kosovo.

The two officials exchanged opinions and consulted not only about the setting of the status of Kosovo and further steps in that process, but also about other issues regarding the events in Kosovo, Hua Jiang said.

On June 29, Ahtisaari arrived in Brussels, where he will attend the meeting of the Contact Group on June 30, to be held at the level of political directors of its six member countries.

Ulrich: NATO committed to safe and secure environment all over Kosovo's territory

PRISTINA, June 30, 2006 (KosovaLive) - The Commander of NATO's Southern Wing, Admiral Henry Ulrich said that NATO remains committed to safe and security environment all over the territory of Kosovo.

He made these comments following his meeting with the representatives of the northern municipalities in Leposavic.

US Admiral told the municipal authorities not to make hasty conclusions in relation with the recent incidents in this part of Kosovo, and to continue their cooperation with the Kosovar government institutions. "It is important for people not to make hasty conclusions, but to allow the experts to complete the necessary investigations," the Admiral said.

G8 calls on participants of negotiations about Kosovo to be fair

MOSCOW, June 30, 2006 (BETA) - The foreign ministers of the G8 group of seven most developed countries and Russia on June 29 welcomed the direct talks between Belgrade and Pristina about the future status of Kosovo.

In the final document from the meeting in Moscow, they called on "all sides, including the Kosovo Serbs, to be fair in the negotiations and invest maximum effort into finding a solution for Kosovo."

The foreign ministers of Russia, the U.S., Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan, who met in Moscow within preparations for the G8 summit next month in St. Petersburg, pointed out that "Kosovo must remain multi-ethnic."

They said the Kosovo leaders had to pay special attention to the realization of standards for the ethnic minorities, sought by the international community.

The ministers confirmed the participation of the Contact Group in the process of setting the status of Kosovo, whose work is based on Resolution 1244 of the U.N. Security Council, recommendations and statements of ministers at the London meeting on Jan. 31. They also expressed support to efforts of the U.N. secretary general's special representative, Martti Ahtisaari.

Status of Kosovo is in the hands of Ahtisaari and U.N. Security Council

BELGRADE, June 30, 2006 (BETA) - The final status of Kosovo is in the hands of U.N. special envoy Martti Ahtisaari and the U.N. Security Council, and UNMIK will continue the implementation of Resolution 1244 in the province, said outgoing UNMIK chief Soren Jessen-Petersen.

"As for the concept of the setting of the final status, I have said that one of the solutions had to be the principle that the agreement is acceptable by the majority community. However, I have added to this principle that it depended on the majority for the final decision on the status to be acceptable for minority communities," Jessen-Petersen told the June 30 issue of the Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

The Kosovo Serbs have every right to seek respect of their security, both personal and material, and the security of religious sites that are important for the people, and the full right to decentralization, i.e. for them to exercise the right to self-rule in municipalities where they form the majority, he added.

The UNMIK chief said he regretted that no concrete results have been accomplished, but also that Belgrade had to bear a part of responsibility that he was bearing because of "incapability and impossibility" to solve certain problems.

Commenting on his departure from Kosovo, he said the only reason he was leaving was his family.

Jessen-Petersen said that status quo is not sustainable

PRISTINA, June 30, 2006 (KosovaLive) - The outgoing Head of UNMIK Soren Jessen-Petersen said at the farewell press conference that it is important Kosovo status to be settled this year, stressing that the status quo is not sustainable.

"I think that it is important the status to be acceptable for majority and should also take into account the interest of minorities," Jessen-Petersen said.

Jessen-Petersen said that during those two years of his tenure Kosovo, despite difficulties, has made significant progress. He said that Kosovo during this period has had its ups and downs, but during all this time he enjoyed the support of all.

He said that there are six main challenges that Kosovars should overcome. He stressed that implementation of standards comes first "and Kosovars should fulfill them, not because the international community insists, but because they are a matter of building a kind of society all citizens wish to live in." "The standards are the beginning of the road towards the EU integrations," he said

He cited transferring of powers from UNMIK to locals as another challenge. He said that after the status, Kosovo authorities should have full competences, and called on Kosovars to demonstrate ability to manage them.

As other challenges he ranked economy and building of a multiethnic society. On this occasion he praised Kosovar leaders for their work on integration of minorities, and called on Belgrade to allow Serbs to join the institutions of Kosovo.

He also mentioned Mitrovica as one of the challenges. He reiterated here the stance of the Contact Group that there will be no partition of Kosovo.

Commenting yesterday's statement of the Serb Prime Minister in Gracanica, Jessen-Petersen said that everyone can say what he wants, but Kostunica should say that during the high level meeting in Vienna this July, which will be mediated by Ahtisaari.

Serbian Radical Party calling on EU to support Serbia's territorial integrity

BELGRADE, June 30, 2006 (BETA) - The Serbian Radical Party is calling on the European Union to support Serbia's territorial integrity, in order for Kosovo to be "preserved within the territory of Serbia," the party's general secretary, Aleksandar Vucic, stated on June 29.

"In talks with the chief of the EU's observer mission, Alexandra Wagner, the deputy president of the Serbian Radical Party, Tomislav Nikolic, said the party would openly state that it was in favor of entering the EU if the Union defended the territorial integrity of Serbia," Vucic said at a news conference.

Vucic pointed out that Serbia "will have nothing to discuss with anyone if Kosovo is not preserved within the territory of Serbia." The general secretary of the Radicals called on the state bodies to direct all their activities to the solving of the Kosovo issue, saying that none of their tasks were more important.

Parliament protests arrest of MP Xhemajli

PRISTINA, June 30, 2006 (KosovaLive) - The Parliament protested on Thursday against yesterday's arrest of the MP and the Head of the People's Movement of Kosovo (LPK) Emrush Xhemajli.

The MP from the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) Sabri Hamiti called on the Parliament to protest against the arrest of Emrush Xhemajli by KPS units in Merdare.

He said that similar practices of arresting should end once and for all, adding that Parliament should call for responsibility of UNMIK Police, KPS and Minister of Interior Affairs.

"This happened is a rebellion, if I could say so, which was done by those who were protesting against the arrival of Serbia's Prime Minster in Kosovo," said Hamiti.

Last handover of bodies of Kosovo Albanians exhumed in Serbia

BELGRADE, June 30, 2006 (BETA) - In Merdare on June 30, the Serbian authorities will hand over the last remaining 110 bags with mortal remains of the Kosovo Albanians that have been exhumed in Serbia, BETA was told on June 29 by Vedran Perisic of the International Commission for the Missing Persons.

"This will be the last repatriation of bodies that have been exhumed in the territory of Serbia," Perisic said, adding that, since November 2002, when the transfer of bodies discovered in three mass graves in Serbia began, the Serbian authorities have returned the bodies of 707 identified persons to their families, on 18 occasions.

In Merdare, early in the afternoon on June 30, UNMIK will be handed over 110 bags with the mortal remains of 22 identified persons and "a large number of smaller and larger bones," Perisic said. He explained that these bodies have been exhumed on locations in Batajnica and Perucac, while the handing over of the bodies discovered near Petrovo Selo has been completed.

"There are no more known locations in the territory of Serbia that need to be worked on," said the representative of the Commission, adding that this handover "closed this issue."

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